Why Visit London

London is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, attracting millions of tourists annually and for various reasons. Visit London and you’ll discover a diversity of offerings. There are iconic landmarks, historic sites, world-class museums, art galleries, entertainment, parks and captivating neighbourhoods to explore. The city is also a fashion capital and shopping mecca.

There are endless opportunities to explore London. The city’s well-connected public transportation system makes it easy to access. Yes, London is expensive but you can experience the city on a budget. Many of the top museums and art galleries are free to visit. The parks, markets and neighbourhoods are also affordable ways to soak up the London experience

London Tourist Information

What You Need to Know About Visiting London

Visitor's Guide to London, England.
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Here’s a travel guide for visiting London. Learn about the best time to visit, budgeting a trip, things to do, eating out, getting around, where to stay and more.

London’s Most Famous Tourist Attractions

Top Attractions in London, England.
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Wondering what are the top things to do in London? As a matter of fact, there are plenty. So, here are the top picks of over 30 leading attractions in London to inspire you.

Best Neighbourhoods in London to Walk Around

Best Neighbourhoods to Visit in London, England.
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London is a sprawling city of neighbourhoods. Each with its own personality and vibe. These are the coolest to explore and even stay during a trip to London.

Visitor’s Guide to Buckingham Palace

Visit Buckingham Palace in London, England.
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Buckingham Palace is the official home of the monarchs in London and the focal point of the British monarchy. And there’s the famous King’s Guard guarding the palace.

Visitor’s Guide to the Tower of London

Visit the Tower of London, England.
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The Tower of London goes back to the time of the Norman conquerors in the 11th century. The castle is an important part of British history but best known for its gory past.

London’s Famous Outdoor and Indoor Markets

Famous Markets in London, England.
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Londoners love their markets and there are over 160 in the city. If you love exploring the markets, here are the top picks that should be on any visitor’s bucket list.

London’s Top Shopping Destinations

Best Places to Shop in London, England.
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Wondering where are the best places for shopping in London? Here’s the guide to the top shopping streets, famous department stores and leading shopping centres.