Why Visit Portsmouth

Portsmouth is an island city on the south coast of England, separated from the mainland by a narrow stretch of water. At the heart lies HM Naval Base Portsmouth, which proudly houses two-thirds of the Royal Navy’s fleet. But Portsmouth is more than just a major naval base. It’s also a popular tourist destination offering a diversity of attractions.

There are many reasons to visit Portsmouth. This family-friendly destination is steeped in history and culture, boasting a rich maritime heritage. Moreover, its picturesque coast provides the perfect setting for a delightful beach holiday. Last but not least, the city also caters to avid shoppers with an array of diverse shopping options.

Portsmouth Tourist Information

Southsea Beach & the Seafront

Photo by Oast House Archive

Southsea Beach is a lovely seaside resort with a stunning coastline. It’s a great destination for a holiday by the seaside, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and fun.

Best Places for Shopping in Portsmouth

Photo by Lewis Clarke

The shopping experience in Portsmouth is well worth a visit. The city offers plenty of shopping opportunities with something for everyone from fashion to antiques.

Shopping in Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays

Photo by Christine Matthews

This premier shopping destination was once a military site for storing armaments and ammunition. Today, it’s home to a host of top-notch outlet shops offering big discounts.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Photo by Ben Salter

The Historic Dockyard is a trove of heritage from the Royal Navy that spans many centuries. Within are historic ships of the British fleet and captivating museums to explore.