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First Party Cookies from this Site

Like most websites, On the Next Stop (this “Site”) uses cookies. The Site uses first-party cookies so that it can perform properly such as when the user navigates through the pages. You can disable cookies from this Site through computer browser but the pages may not function properly.

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The Site uses cookies by Google Analytics to track and analyse its web traffic in the form of non-personal information such as the number of visits, geographical locations, types of internet browsers, popular pages visited and average time spent. Google Analytics is a measurement tool presenting information in the form of (quantitative) metrics. The tool helps me to improve the Site’s performance, attractiveness and contents.

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On the Next Stop has affiliate links to third-party websites that may generate revenue for this Site. These links will install cookies on your browser and track your visit to the websites. I may get a commission if you click, purchase or book through the affiliate links. Currently, the affiliate links on this Site include the following.

  1. HotelsCombined
  3. GetYourGuide

You can get more information about adverts & affiliate links on this Site.

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Cookies from Other Websites

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