We are all concern about our personal information being misused when using a website. Rightfully so, you would want to know what’s the privacy policy for On the Next Stop (this “Site”). Here it is without the legal jargon to confuse you. This Site’s privacy policy is very straightforward. Rest assured, I respect your privacy.

This Site Does Not Want Your Personal Information

I have no need and do not want your personal information. You can access and browse any part of the Site without disclosing any information about yourself. A little more detail:

  1. This Site does not collect identifiable information about you such as name, date of birth, gender, marital status, telephone number, physical address, email address, and photograph image.
  2. There is no registration form, comment section, or discussion forum for you to give me your personal information.
  3. Without you contact detail, this Site cannot send you email newsletters, notifications on your mobile phone, or send you whatever. There are no plans to do so.

Since I cannot collect any information about you, I have nothing to share if asked by a third party. I just want you to enjoy and hope you find information on this Site useful.

Queries & Comments Sent by You

The only way I can get any information about you is if you were to send me an email. My email is there in case I need to be contacted. I often receive spam emails, which I ignore and delete. However, I will reply (if necessary) to emails that are genuine. I will not use the sender’s email for any purpose other than to reply. When no longer necessary to keep the email, I will delete it.

Privacy Policies on Other Websites

On the Next Stop contains links to other (third party) websites such as tourism promotion boards, local authorities, transport organizations, and travel booking websites. These websites have their own privacy policies, which I have no association nor responsible for. Any information that you provide to the other websites is your responsibility.

Cookies on this Site

Cookies are small data or text files. They do not personally identify the user and are anonymous data. Like most if not all websites, this Site also uses cookies. If you want to know about cookies on this Site, please read the Cookie Notice section.